• Omron M7 Intelli IT 360° Accuracy Connected App Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron M7 Intelli IT 360 Degree Accuracy Connected Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Intel Wrap Cuff with 360° accuracy - accurate measurements in any position around the upper arm
  • Omron connect mobile app for iPhone/Android - store and track the measurements on your smartphone
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection - indicates if Irregular Heartbeat is detected
OMRON M7 Intelli IT, our most advanced device, brings to market our latest innovation in accuracy: Intelli Wrap Cuff while embedding our first OMRON smartphone app: OMRON connect. 2 User Memory Memory capacity for two users OMRON connect Manage your health data on your smartphone Cuff Wrap Guide Indicates if cuff is wrapped correctly: not too loose or too tight Average 3 Readings Average of 3 consecutive readings in 10 minutes Movement Sensor Body Movement Detection Clinically Validated OMRON devices have proven their reliability and accuracy under vigorous testing procedures by major health organisations Easy Blood Presure Colour Indicator LED indicator: normal (green) or high (red) Irregular Heartbeat Detection Indicates if Irregular Heartbeat is detected Morning Hypertension Allows you to track whether your morning measurement is different from the rest of the day. 1 out of 3 people measure incorrectly This comes from the fact that the standard cuff has to be positioned in a very specific area above the artery, on the upper arm. The Solution? OMRON Intelli Wrap Cuff technology assures consistent accuracy from any position around the upper arm. Intelli Wrap Cuff consistent accuracy is:
  • confirmed by golden standard
  • even for arms with size 22-42 cm
Accurate results in any position around the upper arm Unlike other cuffs, the Omron Intelli Wrap Cuff measurement zone wraps 360 degrees around the upper arm. There is no measurement “weak spot”, making it virtually impossible to place the cuff incorrectly around the upper arm. Integrate with the world! Smartphone application that connects to OMRON Bluetooth Smart devices and provides easy display of device measurements, history graphs and averages. Makes it easy to view, save, and share your health data with other apps, like Apple Health Cardiovascular Diseases Heart diseases such as a cardiac infarction or angina as well as cerebrovascular events such as a cerebral stroke or cerebral hemorrhage are considered to be the main cause of death in the Europe, Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean (EMEA) region. It is projected that they account for 6.5 million deaths each year (WHO Global Health Info, Statistics Reports, 2013) within the EMEA region. Even when these events do not result in death, cerebral and cardiovascular patients will often experience a decrease in quality of life because they have become bedridden or suffer from speech deficits. It is therefore that cerebral and cardiovascular diseases are considered to be one of the major causes of the gap between a healthy lifespan and an average life expectancy. MPN: HEM-7322T-E EAN: 4015672110397

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Omron M7 Intelli IT 360° Accuracy Connected App Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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